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What is Kids Dental Management?

Our dentists are free to focus on their true calling when we centralize support functions like human resources, information technology, facilities management, accounting, and marketing. This allows them to deliver the highest possible level of dental care to their patients.

We are freeing providers of the stress of running their businesses so that they may concentrate on providing quality care to each individual patient who passes through their doors.

We do not base our decisions on output levels; rather, we are guided by our Mission and Values, which direct our attention toward the satisfaction of our patients.

Our affiliated offices and providers have access to the following comprehensive services, which frees dental care teams to concentrate on their passion for pediatric dentistry rather than on the limits imposed by administrative and operational responsibilities.

Assistance to pediatric dentists so that they can better serve

Kids Dental Practice Management Services

Billing Services

Billing services that are accessible remotely.
The services of billing and collections consist of:

Claims submission
EOB processing
Aging analysis and processing

IT Services

Kids Dental Management provides a variety of foundational IT services to businesses, such as network design, software and hardware support, help desk assistance, and telecommunications infrastructure maintenance.

Human Resources

No matter how big or small your practice is, our seasoned human resource consultants can assist you in discovering the competency and effectiveness of employees, as well as uncovering improvement opportunities to support smarter HR programs and strategies.

Financial Services

Provide vital accounting and financial services to its subsidiaries. Accounting software, auditing, and financial statements attested by a certified public accountant are all part of the package.


Giving pediatric dentists the equipment, training, and support they need to do their jobs well.


The Marketing department helps regional and corporate brands with cross-channel marketing, campaign management tools, and best practices manuals.

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